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Eric The Viking

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19 Jan 2010
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Bristle, CUBA (the County that Used to Be Avon)
This comes from the audio industry, this week. I have anonymised it to protect the guilty, but I'm pretty staggered:


Thanks for getting in contact with us, I'm sorry you are having a hard time finding the correct information on both the xxxxx and Interview kit. Unfortunately the information you have requested isn't available to us here in the service department as this isn't a product we service at a component level.

Service and Support

This is a brand leader in their field, not an ebay seller at all. I wrote to them outlining significant errors and omissions in their datasheet, and asking for sufficient information to enable me to use their product effectively.

I consider myself duly warned. But I'm still slightly shocked that corporate cultures like this still exist in relatively recent high-tech manufacturers.

I contacted Pure a while back about my favourite DAB radio. I've had it for about 12 years, and still works perfectly, except that it forgets settings/ tuning info fairly often.
They weren't remotely helpful. Not supported. Buy a new one. Wouldn't send me a schematic.
All this despite the fact that they (badly)incorporated a suggestion of mine into an early firmware update.

I guess they need to sell new stuff to stay in business, but I won't be buying a new radio from them any time soon.
They've got the information you're after; they just can't be bothered to dig it out.
Remember - businesses would be far easier to run if it weren't for the customers. Perhaps explains why Dr. Bob's business has bounced back so quickly as Covid-19 measures ease - he treats his customers well.
Racers":3ffp03vs said:
As seen on a HP printer

no help by Racers, on Flickr


bwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa *breath* haaaaaahahahaaaa.

(I'm still laughing) - thanks for that Pete :) even funnier considering I know a few HP employees and EX employees (as I live so close), and several more tech illiterates whos crestfallen faces would be a real picture if they saw this message. I wonder what Erik makes of this?
My sister worked for HP and got out when she saw the writing on the wall. She was working in a department of 24 people writing programs for health care providers. It was a good job, she travelled NZ (she's a Kiwi), Oz, Singapore and a few other Countries. She told me it was no wonder they had problems with the programs - she worked with 23 people who were good with computers, but she was the only person in the whole department who had medical knowledge and experience.
Yup. For those of us who were part of the old HP, Pete's picture sums up everything that's good about what's left carrying the name.

That would be, "... not a lot", as Paul Daniels used to put it.

And don't get me started on Apple. I have just got a new iPhone SE (for family reasons - don't ask). I didn't imagine human interfaces could be so bad in the C21st.
I have just had a follow-up to my emailed response. It is written as if addressing a 10-year-old.

Not a single technical question was answered, nor was any acknowledgment made of their ridiculous data sheet.

I probably have little choice but to use the device and just busk it. At least I know ahead of time that I can whistle for any kind of customer support.