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Sedgewick PT Repairable Bargain Somerset


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Snort !

I wonder how many £k Sedgwick will want for a replacement casting ?
Thats going to become a frankenplaner. Buy two, make one that works.
It's the infeed I think. See the bracket on the side for mounting the fence.
The only similar damage I've seen (repaired) was also infeed. Blade wriggles out, arcs over the top and slams down into the edge of the infeed. Bang !
If it only takes off the tip, the table can go on a mill, be cleaned off and rabbet milled on, then make a new steel table lip, drilled and screwed onto the casting.

Cast iron repairs aren't easy. I imagine any attempt at welding it back together is going to look a mess and v. hard to get it dead flat.
If there was a hard enough knock from the knives to take that off the infeed table, most likely the cutterblock has also sustained damage and will be unsafe to run because the block will not hold knives safely anymore. I’ve seen it happen in the exact same circumstance and the block jaw gets bent backwards. If the block isn’t damaged by some miracle, it would make a decent thicknesser as @Doug71 says.
Hmmmmm. Firstly, it’s the infeed table, which although I’ve never had to buy from Sedgwick I’m almost certain they would sell a replacement. The extent of the damage doesn’t look to me like it was caused by a blade crash. The break is back into the extremely thick cast iron, usually they break the first 25~50mm off, not that huge bite. I suspect it’s been dropped, or more likely had something dropped on it which is what my money would be on. So, say you could get it for £300, a budget of say £1200 for a new table and for £1500 you have a modern 3ph Sedgwick PT which Axminster are selling for £4220. For around a further £200 you can run it off single phase. I’d say it’s worth a phone call to Sedgwick to see how much a new table would be.
I’ve asked the gentleman, it happened on startup and the blade came out and hit the table, whether that’s the truth is another thing because it would need to be a lot of energy to cause that level of damage as you say. I don’t know why you would lie about it because it’s broken anyway, if anything I would prefer that something heavy had been dropped on it rather than a blade crash because it would mean the block isn’t shagged.

It would be interesting if Sedgwick did have tables in stock for that model since they’ve totally redesigned their planers. I wouldn’t want to know how much that would cost.
I’ve had a good look at the new MB, not a PT. If memory serves the castings were the same, they had made some minor improvements, added sheet cladding to the outside to enable the thicknesser handle to be moved, but all the major cast iron parts looked to have remained the same. Sedgwick arn’t a large company and probably wouldn’t invest in new castings if at all avoidable.

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