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Sold SCM MiniMax S45 Bandsaw


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28 Jul 2016
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I am having to downsize machinery due to moving house.

This is a single phase 240v machine, and a very heavy machine at that!

250mm depth of cut, 430mm throat.

The cast iron table tilts, but not to 45 degrees, due to some silly H&S requirement.

Fitted with a fully adjustable Kreg precision fence with the optional resaw guide.

Includes the 2 Tuffsaw blades I bought in February:
SuperTuff Premium Bandsaw Blade - 3634mm x 1" x 3tpi (Unused)
SuperTuff Premium Bandsaw Blade - 3634mm x 3/8" x 3tpi (Just Fitted)

Collection from Clitheroe in Lancashire will require a pickup, van or trailer.

£450 ono.

Buyers will have 1st dibs of a few choice bits Mahogany, AB Walnut and some turning blanks!

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6 foot tall, it weighs too damned much!
In order to correctly tension a 1" blade over a 430mm throat, it needs a seriously strong frame.
When I moved it to its current position I had to lay it down to get it through a low door, two of us struggled to lower and stand it up again, I'd
guess at over 200KG? @Sideways may know? he's fully rebuilt one of these and posted tons of details on the forum.