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Ryobi ERT-1500V Plunge Router jig mounting question


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16 Aug 2020
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Looking to get back into woodworking after long time away. Hope this post is in the right place.

Been reading 'Woodworking with the Router' by Bill Hylton and thought I'd have a go at making some of the jigs, they look interesting.

Have a Ryobi ERT-1500V which has only had very light use many years ago. It's as good as new really.

It doesn't seem to have a detachable base plate, but has two large threaded holes which I thought would be the right place to think about attaching jigs.

But I'm struggling to find the correct bolt sizes (and getting a bit frustrated now before I've even really got started :( ).

I've tried UNC 5/16" and M8 and neither quite fit.

I guess, instead, I could use the two threads where the guide bush fits, which according to UJK universal base plate mounting guide are M5, but that doesn't seem very robust? (newbie Q perhaps)

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help and advice in advance

All the best