Royal Mail - complete ban on bladed items from 22nd April

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As I recall in law there is no actual definition of ‘an offensive weapon’ - a piece of chalk thrown by my old schoolteacher was definitely offensive against your head 😂😂😂
you were lucky we had the wooden eraser thrown at us and it hurt!! a lot!!!
My dad told me once that when he was ‘learning his tables’ in the late 1930’s the teacher would thump his shoulder until he gave the right answer
I, like others, use RM very regularly to deliver items sold on eBay. Most items arrive as expected, all send Recorded Sign For.
It does help living right next to a RM sorting office so I can pop in even though the "shop front" is open a terrible 2 hours a day.

And a side note on knife laws. It will not stop a single stabbing, like the gun laws haven't stopped a single shooting. The only people these law really affect are regular none criminals types.
So, it does make a difference then...