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9 Feb 2022
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Using cheap tools or cutters can have the opposite effect, it can dent your confidence and put you off the task in hand. Good example is the chisel, for many years I had some cheap ones that every time I used them the results were like a woodpecker had been involved and so they only got used in desperation. Then a combination of threads on these forums and a woodworking show I brought some Ashley chisels and my results were transformed, not perfect but ok and now I use them more often and so am getting better.
All true and your post makes sense but he has little or no experience-as he already has some cheap cutters then it makes sense to use them and get a feel for how the router behaves. He can then compare the results using better cutters and gain greater confidence. I posted somewhere on this forum that my 1st power saw was an attachment that bolted on to my black and decker drill . I’d never dream of using cheap tools now but that’s how I started- and I suspect many others did the same . I’m not knocking your advice just justifying mine.☺️☺️

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