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Router and lathe up for grabs


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Hi all


I have just removed my router from the table to fit a Triton. It's a performance power pro 2050W 1/2" and pretty similar to the T9 and surplace to requirements (one can have too many routers you know :wink: )

I have my fine adjuster still fitted to it and you can have that too - (see following link) works very well :)


All bits are with it and it's only 8 months old. Cost me £100 and I'll let it go to anyone who will definitely use it for £35 if you pick it up

Also, I just got a new lathe today and so the old one is up for grabs.

it's this one:


£105 new - £35 if picked up. Almost in as new condition

pm if you want 'em (remember you have to collect)

I am at home this week (marking exams :cry: ) except Sunday and so collection will be easy over the next few days