Round metal bands for clocks

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16 Oct 2022
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Where is everyone sourcing these bands from, I'm looking for 12-20" bands and can't find them anywhere.
That looks a bit like a barrel hoop, I thought. A quick Google brings up both new and used supplies. A start at least.
Here is to a link showing how to make clocks like the one you posted. Metal and Wood Clock DIY – If you don't have any friends with a welder a local metal fabrication business should be able to make them. They have the metal roller to shape them quickly. Costs would go down if you get a number made up to offset setup times for operations.

Another option would be to steam / hot water bend a wood strip and glue the ends with a scarf joint. Or laminate veneer to do the same. Do a good job texturing and painting it black and nobody will know the difference.

It isn't really a clock bezel, just a hoop. As inspector says any fabrication shop should be able to knock one up in no time, what they would charge I have no idea but shouldn't be too much.
Another thing you could try would be to ring a steel stockist and ask if they can saw off short lengths of tube. Might not work for a couple of pieces and you'd be more restricted on size but is worth considering if you need quantity.

(In my experience maybe try someone like C Roberts, NTS, Alternative steel)

Rolling rings from plate and welding is probably better if you want thinner gauge (~5mm or less) as you might struggle with this in tube. Just be aware that due to setup time, etc. the minimum charge just for rolling is probably £30-50 (depending on where you go); the unit price would depend on quantity. Maybe then add £10-15 for the steel itself and welding as a guess.

(I work for a steel fabricators so I have some experience in this area)

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