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10 Aug 2010
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Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Hi All

Been away for a while but back on it nw and havge a need for a new riving knife for my Robland saw. Scott and Sargeant sell them but pretty expensive for what it is - nigh a hundred quid. Any one know of a cheaper outlet before I get busy with a grinder? A standard euro pattern should fit.
I bought an excellent 12" knife for my saw from Hammer at a very reasonable price. The saw is an old Startrite and the Hammer specs were the right thickness for my blades.
We live in a strange world when Felder and cheapest are in the same sentence. I think you're right though - checked the Felder site last night and less than half the price of the competition. I still resent 40 quid for what it is though. Beats making one I guess.
Not to hijack the thread but could anyone spare a minute tell me the difference between a SUVA type and a DIN38820 riving knife ?
I could use a couple of these myself in different thicknesses to retrofit my old 70's or 80's SCM saw since I fitted a new overhead mounted crown guard.

Is it to do with the way they mount, the shape or both ?
If you are going for a new riving knife you could get a properly mounted crown guard to go with it. Much safer than the overhead type, especially if the latter home made!
In my case the 15mm thick alloy plate and polycarbonate crown guard is built onto a cast iron and steel arm from a STEFF power feeder. It's more rigid than the arms used on even the best industrial table saws. I designed it specifically to cope with me falling against it if I tripped and lost my balance. Riving knife mounted guards don't come close. Overengineered ? Not if you're a fussy SOB :)

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