Refreshing old oiled flooring: Fiddes HardWax Oil over original WOCA maintenance oils?

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10 Jun 2012
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Hi all,
All at sea, here, any help appreciated.

I have nearly 60m2 of Engineered oak flooring. It was installed in 2010. It is brushed and oiled. On installation, I followed advice to give the floor an application of WOCA Maintenance Oil.

I have to refresh it, it is in a bit of a miserable state, having not been given any coats since installation. There are worn bits etc.

I would like to use a tinted HardWax Oil by Fiddes. But, am I going to run into any issues applying this over the WOCA, without sanding? As I understand it, the Fiddes and all HWOs seem to be installed on unfinished wood. I don't want to sand the flooring as I will destroy the brushed finish and sanding 60sqm of wood promises to end my life. Any advice? I have heard Fiddes is excellent, robust and protective, but is it okay to install over pre-oiled floors? Application is by a buffing machine (Victor Sprite 400)

Ask Fiddes, they're at Cardiff IIRC - they were very helpful when I asked about refinishing some stuff - told them what the original was and they recommended the process and (Fiddes) product to use.
Thanks all. I did send a message to Fiddes. The reply was quick and comprehensive but, naturally, they were not in a position to recommend anything risky or outside their main directions on application.