Record Power BS350S Bandsaw Modifications - Part 3: Blade Shroud for Dust Collection

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9 Apr 2017
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I made several modifications to my Record Power BS350S bandsaw over the past few weeks and decided to post them here in case anyone with a similar bandsaw was interested.
Here are the modifications I made and will be documenting here. I’ll update the list below with links to the other threads as I add them:

1. Upgrade upper and lower blade guides with the Rikon tool-less kit made for the Rikon 10-324 and 10-325 bandsaws.
2. Add an electrical outlet to the upper frame so I can power the magnetic base LED lamp.
3. Add blade shroud to improve dust collection.
4. Rip Fence Upgrade
5. Replace the stock wheeled base with a sturdy cabinet with drawers, locking casters, and push handle.


I wanted to improve the poor dust collection of the bandsaw as much as I could using mostly what I had on hand. The only things I bought for this project were the two rare earth magnets used to hold the bracket to the lower frame.

The first step was to remove the obstructions in the 100mm port at the bottom of the saw. I’m sure these have a legal reason for being there, but I removed them.


I used a piece of 1-1/2 inch PVC drain pipe with a 90-degree bend that was left over from a sink installation.


I cut a piece of 2mm plastic from a large sheet and epoxied it into the end of the drain pipe. I don’t know how well the epoxy will bond to the PVC, but if it doesn’t, I’ll replace the 2mm plastic with a piece of 6mm plywood and a couple of screws.


Another view of the blade shroud. The rubber bushing fit nearly perfectly in the 62mm flexible tubing I had left over from my router table project.


A view of the plywood bracket that holds the shroud in place. I used two rare earth magnets attached to the 19mm plywood. I used a Forstner bit to drill the recess for the magnets on the saw side, and a 5mm hole through the plywood for the M5 stud that was part of the magnet housing. A modified hose clamp secures the drain pipe to the plywood.


A side view of the blade shroud plywood bracket. This bracket covers the access hole I drilled for the lower blade guide upgrade.


The temporary hose adapter for the 100mm hose that connects to my dust collection system. The adapter I want is out of stock at Axminster, but this will work for now.

Mike, the large lower vent blockage is an EU safety regulation. It assumes that people will shove their hand in while the wheel is running. On my axminster there is another 4" port where your wooden bracket is so I just blocked the lower vent off completely and take all dust extraction from under the table /top of the bottom cabinet. Vacuming the lower cabinet every once in a while works well. My mods are not as elegant as yours though, hence no pictures :cry: :cool:
I assumed the plastic bars were for safety, as are the interlock switches in the two doors. The 3HP blower assembly for my dust collection system had similar bars across the main inlet port. Those are gone as well.
The genius" who did the axminster welded a solid flat late across 3/4 of the hole.
That was my first plan, but at that time I only had 62 mm extraction pipe, and as there was another 100 mm port just below the table I blocked off the bottom and used the top. Now I have 100 mm, but still just use the top port, with a thin ply surround diverting all of the dust into the pipe. The bottom box only gets an a couple cm of dust in a month, so thats how its staying.
Thank you - that is so clever. I've never considered modifying my Sabre 350 - just got used to vacuuming a lot! Won't bother with the splitter - I will just plug my shop vac directly to the new pipe. Thank you!
Thank you, Mike, what adapter did you get from Axminster, also would it not be better to fit a cap to the end of the 1 1/2 plastic pipe, or is the suction better if it is open

Thank you, Murphy. Here is a link to the adapter I bought, but have not yet installed. The setup I have now works great, but is not as compact as the Axminster adapter. I use the same adapter on my router table, and it works great.


I did cap the end of the plastic pipe near the blade, but was worried that the restriction would reduce the suction. I was pleased that it didn't because the gap for the blade was large enough.

Likewise, I was concerned that I might have to add some ventilation holes in the bottom section door to improve airflow, but enough air to flows around the door and frame seal. Last week I was cutting some cherry strips and didn't bother connecting the dust extraction to the saw. I won't make that mistake again. I was vacuuming dust from areas that I didn't know dust could reach.

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