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For Sale Record BS250 + various other bits for sale


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The Tattooed One
26 Apr 2009
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Birmingham, UK
OK I need to clear out much of my old woodworking collection as I need to downside to essentials that I can carry around and store in a locker at the workspace.

Some basic photos attached, but just wanted to get this post up so people can see what's available. Obviously open to offers. Preferably collection only on anything vaguely heavy (central Birmingham - note I live within the clean air zone which is £8 a day if your vehicle isn't compliant although I live about 100 yards from the boundary and there's a Tesco with free parking across the road). Postage / delivery can be discussed if necessary.

Happy to supply more details - preferably as a post where possible to save repeat questions.

1. Record BS250 bandsaw. Probably had maybe 4/5 hours running time in total. Bed probably needs a light sanding to clear the surface rust. I have a couple of Tuffsaw blades too that I don't think have ever been used (1/2" x 3tpi and 3/8" x 6tpi), there's some surface rust on them too. £175 incl blades.


2. Triton TRA001 Router. Again, barely used. Note that I fitted this to a router table, with no intention of removing it, so I cut the power cable considerably as it went into an emergency switch. It's currently fitted to a router plate (separate sale) but I believe I've still got all the parts I removed like the spring. £150.


3. INCRA MagnaLOCK Router Plate. Very sure I've still got the insert(s?) for it. I also have the official template for routing out the table which I seem to remember was quite pricey for a piece of MDF! They'll come as a package. Still in excellent condition, again it's barely been used. £100.


4. Clifton No.5 Jack Plane. In great condition, it's one of the older ones I think that's painted green instead of black. I've barely ever used it. There's a small letter B stamped into one side of it (wasn't me!) otherwise nothing else to report. £225.


5. Rutlands bench planer. Yeah yeah I know these get a dreadful press, but for a hobbyist I thought it was perfectly fine. Again, very very little use. £140.


6. Evolution R185 track saw with around 2m of track (2 longer lengths, 3 short ones, with *some* connecting rods - would need to see how many i can find). I think it's "Evolution R185CCSX Handheld Circular Saw, ST2800 2-Piece 2.8m Track & 3-Piece Mini-Track Bundle" or something very similar. I don't have the bag but I'm sure the clamps are still around. £80.

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I’m interested in the bandsaw but live nowhere near Birmingham - I know you said delivery was an option…would you be willing to courier? Also, how old is the saw?