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Welsh Brian

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9 Dec 2020
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Used to have a smallholding where I had a whole barn as a workshop. Had a fine selection of large (and noisy) tools. Recently moved to a "normal" property with a single garage and neighbours! All the big tools were sold and I will be replacing them with much smaller and quieter tools. Does anyone know of any shows after Easter or dealers who have a large selection on show or even an upcoming "event". I live in Shrewsbury and accept I will have to travel but hopefully not to Scotland or south of London.....

Tools I will be looking for include:

Cordless planer
Dust collection system (A big thank you to members who have posted some great advice)
Chop saw with no back guides
New router bits ( inspecting my old ones and they are well past sell by date)
New drill bits
Small and quiet compressor

I know some of my tools will not get a lot of use but the garage will be my hobby and somewhere to play and hopefully stay out of trouble.

Reviews and data sheets are all well and good but I really like to see and hold tools before I buy.
i have been to the D&M show - not a lot of bargins, but you can often see the Kit, i had to negociate hard for a decent discount on toughbuilt belt and pockets
FFX do a good show, buts its been virtual for a while now,

I know trend and festool have a lot of shows at various branches - more open days / few popup shows - saw Peter Millard from youtube did a video - where he went and got a table saw at a popup event.
there is makers central at NEC
some are trade ONLY ...... which i had an issue getting in a few years pre covid - at sandown

FFX have special weeks / virtual events with a discount on items - they have just had the one in place , for thier normal event in feb/march
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Hi @Welsh Brian - knowing your part of the world, I'd suggest if you can take an hour or so down the A49 and call into Pen Tools in Hereford - they have probably the closest well stocked and decent sized sized showroom with most of the items on your list on display with different brand options too. Gary, the manager there, is also very friendly and highly experienced - and I'm sure he will be happy to help answer any Q's if you want with no pressure to buy - as you say, you can then see a lot of different options in the flesh.
They do also have events about 3 times a year, but I don't know when there next one is.
Cheers, Nick
Axminster in Nuneaton is not too much of a stretch from Shrewsbury (I live near Telford and have been a few times) and they'll have a good selection of all the things you're looking for on display.