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4 Sep 2005
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Thurrock, Essex
Does anyone know anywhere where I can buy reclaimed wood or scrap wood that's near essex. I've had a search and can't find anything.

Basically, because i'm relatively new to woodworking, i'm looking to buy some oak, walnut etc to use for my initial projects. My local woodyard isn't very good and only really do plywoods and poor grade stuff.

Any other idea's of getting cheap wood will be gratefully received (i'm getting some pieces from ebay, but the postage pushes it up a bit)
I'm fairly new to woodturning,and had the same dilemma.
Started off going to local timber suppliers,who let me go rummage through the hardwood offcuts.
Then bought via mail order,having been unsuccesful on e-bay on a couple of lots.
Other suggestions given to me were a)local tree surgeons b)local tip ("household recycling centre")
Have also been tempted to buy second-hand furniture from the small ads to re-use the wood (but not done so yet)
Then found out one of my hauliers at work has a mate with a woodyard,so get allsorts of wood free now :D :D
And another one has just bought an old cottage,so I've now got his old holly tree drying in log form in my shed.. :wink:

Hope you get some ideas from the above.

aye, a couple of good ideas there - espeically the furniture, there are quite a lot of really cheap 2nd hand furniture shops near me, so I could butcher them into usable planks.

And there are a lot of tree-surgeons and fellers, great idea, looks i'll be having a busy weekend :)
Try searching for architectrual salvage in the yellow pages, that might come up with something. Solopark (near Cambridge) isn't that far from Essex, but is a bit pricey, and there's also Brown Brothers in Whilltesford (although I wasn't that impressed with them).

There's got to be one there though as I think The Salvager* comes from Essex.


*Mildly interesting program from Discovery H&L/RT for those that don't know...