Rear End Of My Camper Trailer with Custom Made Door for my Mobility Scooter Completed

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23 Jan 2023
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United Kingdom
Well finally got there, the rear end of my Camper Trailer finished with its custom made L shape door to allow access and storage of my mobility scooter whilst out and about, made from nothing but pallet wood which I love cause its free :) , as well as door I made a clip on small table for my camping stove and made custom window ( which is functional ) , behind the back of this pic it has been stucture to support a sliding bunk bed which will raise into the roof area so space for scooter withing the 4 x 8 floor space. I have also built a sofa bed from pallets which is a table 72 x 72cm sq ; which when unfolded and becomes a sofa bed settee so basically within an internal area of 4ft x 8ft x 5ft High it will accomodate 2 sleeping beds, scooter can be put in trailer with bunk raised and sofa bed folded into table whilst on the road. The scooter can then be brought out and left outside the camper when in situ.

So from pallet wood , we ) me and my young friend ) have got sleeping , eating sorted , we also built a mini jukebox which holds a amazon fire table and bluetooth speaker for entertainment amazon prime, netflix and audio. We have refurbished a broken Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine , we made a pod sugar and creamer storage chest ( you guessed it from pallet wood ) so home comforts are sorted.

Its going to be powered by 12v and 240v ( via invertor ) chargeable via 300 amp array deep cycle batteries, charged by solar and from car whilst travelling which will give us loadsa hours / days of power.

Our next project is going to be the sliding bed and the trailer structure as a complete shell, a ramp for the scooter, ladders for the sliding bunk bed. The final design will be a square drop trailer as the teardrop design just wont accomodate the interior. as per my avatar thats the colour scheme of things , and we will cosmetically enhance with curves and retro fenders etc to keep it as classic as we can .

Its just the beginning .. wer have to build it in this manner as my workshop (shed) is just too small , but when all sides and roof complete it will be a simple carraige bolt together job and then bolted onto the trailer and were off into the wilderness for some peace and quiet LOL

If anyone any ideas feel free to post , Ive gotta give it a final good sand and get it nice and clean, as we self insulated the door and rear end with nothing more than shredded paper, sealed tightly into aluminium foil foil and grip seal bags lol . I'm a cheapskate I know but hey if it can be done I do it. anyway some pics


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oh I sat and pondered this week what could a man want that loves pallets and realised I didnt have a coaster for my cup of coffee when I finish the camper, so I made a coffee cup coaster , which can sit on my click on exterior table whist I sat my big bum and relax whilst sitting in the sun radiating heat into my aching bones lol


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Good for you
Pallet wood is usually heavy - will your trailer take the weight?
Im working with mainly the soft wood type . ive calculated 300 kilos as max payload (not inc the actual trailer, ive done the rear end. the floor structure , the beds and a ramp of my scooter, and i am at 150 kilos , the sides I am going to do a structural sound skeleton, and thats being cladded with thin 7mm pallet wood and the roof either going to be plexi glass, fibreglass or aluminium once i have full weight established.

I reckon total weight of trailer when complete will be 500 - 600 kilos, so i will have to be braked and i recon I can salvage an old caravan chassis and work on that.

Im sorry about lack of pics , but i will get on to it , my leg is in a bad way last couple of months with infection , plus i had to go to hospital with a suspected mini stroke , which turned out to be actually my body reacting to severe pain im enduring , i hate taking too many pills ..

will return later with pics of progess
ok update pics , both the rear and floor tomorrow is getting the cheap glossy varnish sanded , and ive got some very good quality semi gloss yacht varnish to pick up and paint them so surfaces fully weatherproof and tough as nails. These sections being complete means i can now construct a skeletal frame with a 1" cavity for insulation etc , I can get my lifty up pully system bed bunk installed etc and then its basically cosmetic ... any comments feel free .... all just rubbish pallet wood , total cost of trailer so far less than £50 , that includes the folding bed table sofa settee ive built , the bunk and mobility scooter ramp .. see what you can do for pennies if you have the time.


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the saying or the camper lol , both i guess , the camper does have to carry my
Good for you
Pallet wood is usually heavy - will your trailer take the weight?
the trailer im swiveling on fabricating my own, which is expensive, or there are plenty on eBay that are just knackered, going for £100 ... there isn't much to go wrong with them as long as the chassis is in good nick , usually, faults are bearings, tires or the hitch if the axle well it can always be converted to axleless with a kit. I'm originally an engineer , so mathematics and formula dictate 50mm x 50mm x 1 meter length of angle iron 3mm thick will hold 900 kilos , that's a single length, weight of angle iron to fabricate and weld a trailer would be around the 200 kilo mark , so in total well below the 750kg I am taking as a maximum weight to tow (braked). I still reckon I will salvage something that's kaput and get into it with the cutting discs and welder
well my friend is coming over on Thursday, got all the materials so next picks will be the rear end of the trailer fitted to the floor with the side skeletal framework , so I can concentrate on the structure to support the lifting bunk bed so I can get my mobility scooter in lol but now I see it coming together, sadly I have to leave my house in June so a new roof can be added to the home so a couple of months away from it and I probably will miss using it this summer. That wont stop me going away in winter lol as it is well insulated and I've got battery array and solar panels all sorted for power so heat inside a 8 ft x 4ft space isn't a hard solution.

It means all the inside furniture ive build can be stored in the trailer out of the way in the workshop and I can simply cover with a tarp. I think the roof and front cosmetically I am going to fibreglass. Its as tough as old nails and very light. the trailer is heavy enough now so I have to concentrate on llight weight materials for the non structural parts of the trailer.

Well will post pics real soon hopefully next week. Thanks for the support guys :)
well, what cn I really say except nothing beats a little bit of tanning on the skin, drinking a mug of Americano in the pouring rain. picture tells all. :)


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only fell twice , forgot my right leg doesn't work lol , tiss but a scratch


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Love the coasters - good sense of humour.

Door at the back for mobility scooter. I'm thinking Knight Rider style where the ramps come down and you reverse out on to the road. Am I close?


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