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Ray Key Collaboration


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Paul Hannaby

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1 Sep 2011
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Gloucestershire UK
An update on the collaboration and a few useful links! -

The pieces can be viewed online on the AWGB website www.awgb.co.uk/ray-key-collaboration

The exhibition is open until July 21st. www.awgb.co.uk/art-in-nature-exhibition

The online international auction of the pieces is live and runs until October 13th. www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/awgb/catalogue-id-srass10001

If you want a book cataloguing all the collaboration pieces along with before and after photos and text from each collaborator, they are available for order. The books are A4 size hardback. awgbwoodturningseminar.co.uk/product/ray-key-collaborations-book

It has been a fantastic experience watching all these pieces go out and come back and to see them exhibited as a collection is truly inspiring. The comments we are receiving from the visitors to the exhibition make all the hard work worthwhile!

For those who are too far away to visit, there are a few walkabout videos of the exhibition on the AWGB Facebook page too.


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25 Nov 2017
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East Kent
I managed to visit this exhibition on the last day (Sunday) and it was truly amazing as was the display by 3 master turners (Reg Hawthorne, Ray Key and Stuart Mortimer). I can never hope to achieve anything like the standard set by these artists but it was very rewarding to see what can be achieved with incredible skill, hard work and lots of patience. Thanks to Paul for highlighting this event. A round trip of over 350 miles was well worth it.