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The last post on these was 2 years ago hence the question now. Can anyone recommend a quiet but effective dust extractor (I intend to use it solely for my lathe)? I work in my garage which seems to echo noise hence the request.

I don't really want to spend more than £200.

Many thanks

Hi Paul
It depends on what you call quiet, I have one from Charnwood(same model available elsewhere). It is fitted with an induction motor and is reasonably quiet. Worth a look

I've got a Cam-vac that I use on the lathe, it's uieter than my Record DX3000 but is still not that quiet.

I have an ADE2200 from Axminster. Its not too bad but recently I moved it into a small cupboard on the outside of the workshop and its now whisper quiet!


paul i use the sip dust/chip collector for the lathe the planner and t/saw its not to noisy it has an induction motor and you will have plenty of change for other bits and bobs.

I find that putting the extracor on my machines amplifies the noise but i do have a 100mm extractor tube and when i start it up its around 3m tall .
i've looked at lots of smaller extractors and i think the Henry hoover will tackle most jobs like yours . I've used them on sites and they never break .
Like Tim, I moved my extractor and compressor out of the workshop, this has reduced the noise level considerably. I didn't automate the switching, but just wired them up through 45amp pull switches (normally used for showers). Works a treat.
Hi All
I've been reading this thread with interest. But I have come to the conclusion that I have the best method already installed. An Airshield while I'm working, an Air Filtration System running all the time and for the chips and dust on the floor,my wife popping in and out armed with her broom. The chips and dust on the floor disappear in no time and as a bonus there usually appears a fresh mug of tea at the same time.
That is what I call a good system.
All the best.
A great many thanks to everyone for replying. I think Johnjin has the best solution but my wife, whilst she brings in the tea, I think the broom etc is a no go as if that was the case, she wouldn't have time to clean the car and do the decorating.

The Camvac with the extra hose reducing the noise seems to be favourite at the moment, particularly if I can find somewhere to site it out of the garage where I work. There is also the chance that there may be some offers at Stoneleigh.

Again very many thanks for your help

you guys are lucky, i'm lucky if the missus does my washing! :shock: :?