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Quick Release clamps for scroll saw


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17 Nov 2019
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I owe everyone a apology for giving the wrong diameter thumb screws to replace the Allen key the location of a bolt I had tried on the pin less blade clamps the thumb screws should be 5m not 4 I had miss read the size of the bolt I tried in the clamp when looking at the IPC. The 4m bolts I had ordered came today and I found them to small for the clamp then realised my mistake. Hopefully the 5m thumb screws will do the trick and I won't have to keep using the Allen key that never seems to be where I put it down after the bolts have been tightened. I will to think of away of stopping the lower clamp from jumping out when the top clamp and tension is removed. Am having to run my Record 16" scroll saw with the side panel off when doing internal cuts so I can keep putting the lower clamp back in its retainer.

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