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22 Oct 2003
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Up the proverbial creek
I was wondrin', is it me or are these ProGrips from Axminster the same as these from Rutlands (stick "DKG" in the search and all the exras will come up too, plus a few stray glue bottles :roll: )? And if so, has anybody tried 'em? Some of the extra bits could be rather handy and I'm finding myself worryingly tempted. :shock:

Cheers, Alf

I have the Rutlands version and it's very good.

Previously I had one of the Axminster Perform clamp guides, but found because of the lateral clamping lever the guide would move out of square, and was impossible to use and very disappointing. I now only use it as a straight edge.

The Rutlands version - which I assume is the same as Axminster, locks by the conventional downwards movement with two lever positions - level and below level which gives "firm clamping" and cripes "it won't budge clamping" :) (does that make sense?) quality of manufacture is excellent.

The slide in/out measure scale is ok but does move a bit, so I pencil mark the work instead.

Haven't got any of the add on bits yet so can't comment on them.

Hope this helps

I noticed these in the last Axminster review, and I would agree with you that they look identical to the Dakota ones. Very irritating to see these after I bought the old Axminster guide which isn't great. The Trend-style clamping mechanism on the ProGrips looks far superior to the one on my guide.

I would say that they are a good buy and I'm tempted too. My one reservation is that the very useful-looking accessories look very expensive in comparison to the cost of the clamps - almost a Gilette razor pricing policy if you ask me :roll:

Thanks chaps.

Nick, I found the exact same problem with my Perform one. Really I should have sent it back I suppose, but the box had been tossed. :( I have a Tru-Grip from way back which seems to have the same clamping arrangement, but with no T-slot it's a bit limited in its uses.

Neil, I know what you mean, but thinking about it the clamps themselves are pretty basic once you have the endless lengths of aluminium extrusion - just use the same ends and appropriate lengths of rod I presume. And I do like the idea of hold downs for the drill press, for instance. At the moment I do all sorts of bad things. :oops: I shall mull a bit longer. :D

Cheers, Alf
That Rutlands price looks interesting compared with £35+vat for the Trend 36" clamp guide.

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