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problem with Tormek angle setter


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22 Aug 2004
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I have recently taken delivery of a Tormek 2600 which I shall be using to sharpen , among other things, thicknesser/ jointer blades and Morso guillotine blades. I have made my first attempts on the guillotine blades and have followed the instructions implicitaly. The problem I have come across is with the angle setter. This is the bolt at the back of the jointer jig which comes up against a block to determine the angle.
I have placed the blade up against the grinding wheel and set this angle using this bolt and block. Once done I have set the depth of cut and pressed down as instructed. The picture in the book and insructions shows a gap appearing between the blade holder and the "track" that will disappear as the grinding is completed. What is happening though is that instead of this gap staying open the bolt and block at the back are being pushed apart resulting in an inaccurate angle. It doesn't seem to matter how hard or soft one pushes or where one holds the blade holder when one moves it from side to side the angle setter opens instead of the gap between blade holder and track. Has anyone had this problem and any suggestions.




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15 Apr 2005
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Forest Grove, Oregon USA
Hi James,

I have not had this experience myself, so I set up my Tormek to have a look.

Would you confrim your set up is as the following pictures?
I have placed a link to my website as they are about 250k each...there are 3 pictures.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Pic 1 is a front view
Pic 2 is from the side. I don't know if it shows the gap very well you mention, but it is there.
Pic 3 is from the back.

Note that this should (and does here) mean that as the edge is ground down, the arc the blade travels because of the pivot point being behind the blade can only allow the stop to come in contact to the stop bolt.

I hope this helps.

Keith Smith

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1 Mar 2004
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Out in the sticks in rural Shropshire
James when I first used the Tormek for grinding planer blades I seemed to have all sorts of problems but I think it is like riding a bike because now no matter how quickly I set it up I get good results, so persevere it is worth it.

Reading your post I am not 100% sure what is going wrong but if you look at page 52 of the manual;

I set the blade so it is just clear of the wheel using wheels 6 and 8.
I then set the grinding angle using knob, #7 on page 51, you may need to raise the blade if it catches on the grinding wheel.
Once the angle is set lower the blade with wheel 8 until it just touches the grinding wheel and check it is square with the wheel; top right hand picture page 52.
Then lower the blade 2/10mm by turning both wheels 6. At this point you should see the gap (tiny) between the blade holder and the support. You can set it to more than this but start small and work up :wink:

If you now start the machine and move the blade from side to side you should feel it just catching the grinding wheel, you don't need to push down particularly hard. Keep moving it from side to side until it is no longer grinding then swap the blade keeping the exact settings and do the same to the other blade. This keeps the blades balanced.

If one of the blades need more grinding, then repeat the procedure for both blades.

Hope this helps


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