Fail - Equilateral triangle with 50/50 mitres

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Looking at the picture in the initial post it seems the sides are joining at the bottom, but at the top there is what looks like a parallel sided gap.

If this is the case, it would suggest:
  • the mitre angle is just about spot on
  • that the sides are out of square - if you invert one of the sides does the join close up
Thanks for the post Terry, i will try experimenting with piece orientation. I had designed it to have continuous grain on 2 edges, but this pales in importance when compared to being well made. I should get out this weekend - fingers crossed.

2.32 mm is a thin kerf blade. I'd bet that could be part of reason why the deflection. Also, a more stable jig will help. 3.175 is a full kerf blade. Less chance of deflection you are seeing at end of cut. Or get some blade stiffeners to help with the thin kerf blade you have.
also, sometimes your blade is getting dull as it is wearing on one side of teeth, which causes it to deflect in one direction as you cut, and when it gets into cut, the blade heats up and then deflects more.

I use to use thin kerf in my table saw. But as soon as I ran multiple boards, eespecially at angles ( or hardwood, or thick) I noticed drift. I only use full kerf now , 1/8 or 3.18 mm and that drift went away.
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I popped out to the workshop for 5 minutes tonight and tried a different orientation - sure enough the gap is apparent on the other side when flipped - it is definitely suffering from wash out...

Worth confirming though!