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This is a really interesting thread - I am sure it should be possible to design and make a system to deliver filtered air to a face mask for a lot less than the professional kit (as Rewound is demonstrating). If air could be drawn from outside the workshop it might be even easier - when I am turning I don't need to move far so wouldn't need a very long hose!
I think this thread should in the end show a way a person can totally assemble a functional 3m like respirator, at affordable prices. Complete with where to acquire each piece needed. I like where this is going also.
Can someone with more patience than me help out?

I think I'd ike to see what is about, but the stupid music and slowest talking intro are doing my nut!

What's his secret?

Thanks in advance
How to knock up your own Positive Air Pressure Respirator from an airbed pump, voltage regulator, tool battery and snorkel mask. Second video is an improved version and comparison with Mira kit used by military.
Well, I was excited to see a JSP jet stream powered respirator up for £150 on FB marketplace - seller said they were OK to post it but then went silent for weeks and finally said they didnt want to post (I guess they had someone who was able to pick it up). The very same day I saw a trend air shield 5mins from me. Not in great condition but I thought I could use it for a home made set up if nothing else.

It came with a whole bunch of spares - pre-filters, main filters, visor overlays, face seal, sweatband, manual and even a tub of visor wipes and I got it for £25.

No charger but I found an old Nokia charger that delivers 3.7v, so salvaged connector from battery pack (3.6v) and wired it up with extended lead so I can plug in and run it as long as I like. My workshop is tiny so I don’t need a very long lead!

Some of the spares were seriously perished with age (the foam on the sweatband was dust and the two layers of the face seal were completely separated) but after a good clean and a bit of improvising I ended up with a fully working powered respirator for less than it would have cost to buy the parts to make my own.

So I am grateful to the seller of the JSP jetstream for not selling it to me!


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