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Hi Guys, might be posting this in the wrong forum but here goes. I want to buy a hand held power planer (sick of having to borrow my dad's) It won't be a piece of kit that I will use very much and I already have a DeWalt 733s planer thicknesser so I don't want to spend a lot of cash. What would you guys recomend(use)? I like the look of the Ryobi and already have some Ryobi kit which I think is fairly god quality but it was £60 and I could do without spending that much. Has anyone tried the cheaper Bosch or the NuTool stuff £30-40 ish.


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23 Mar 2005
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Mid Derbyshire
I have a Bosch planer 82mm wide cut x 3mm depth, 680 watt. Like all Bosch kit it feels a good quality and the motor noise is reassuring. It removes wood well and without fuss but like all planers it needs care to achieve a 90 degree surface to the edge. I bought the optional fence/rebate depth attachment which works well but the secret is to take your time, think what you are trying to achieve and don't expect the machine to make perfect results on it's own. I recently planed all four edges of a sticking garage door and was very pleased with the results. It's worth using a vac/extractor whenever possible as these machines throw out a large amounts of chips which the normal bag simply cannot collect quickly enough. More expensice machines don't necessarily make for better results. That's down to you. Good luck.