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28 Aug 2016
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A customer has asked me to look at three 5x5 wooden posts at the front of their house, they are about 8' high and carry the overhang of the roof although most of it is supported on a bay window.

One of the posts is going slightly soft at the very bottom, this one is next to the bay window and is only there to balance things up I'm sure it's not supporting anything.

I am told the posts were only replaced a few years ago, the customer said they wanted hardwood but the joiner said it wasn't available in that size so he did them in softwood. They are actually a 5x3 and 5x2 screwed together stood straight on the flags so they are just soaking up the water #-o

The customers original call was for me to splice some hardwood on to the bottom but I was thinking of maybe cutting 5-6 inches off the bottom and using something like this then putting a skirting round to hide it. ... =138459929

Just worried how easy it will be fitting these with the post in situ, if I will be able to drill out for the bolts etc.

The other option is to just use some 5x3 and 5x2 to replace the bottom of the post but I would like to see them anchored to the ground somehow.

Anyone got any thoughts or experience?

Thanks, Doug


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14 Mar 2013
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I've always put a slate roof tile under any posts as they are impermeable and stop the post's end grain soaking up standing water by raising the end slightly. i would suggest the following joint as it can be assembled by sliding the bottom piece into place and would be easy to cut using a palm router for the in-situ piece ... -joint.jpg