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12 Jan 2004
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Hi folks
I have been asked to make a box to house photos, but I seem to remember reading that photo's should not be kept in an acidic atmosphere. If I remember this correctly what should I use, which woods are not acidic?
Or am I terminally confused :?

all help appreciated


I'm pretty certain there was a Old Tools discussion on making boxes to take slides, and the consensus was that no wood was going to be 100% okay. Can I find the thread though? :( I wonder though, if you sealed the inside with, say, shellac, if that wouldn't be okay? Anyone?

Cheers, Alf
Like Alf, I'd have thought shellac would do the trick, but after reading some of the documents at the link Chris provided I'd be wary. The consensus there seems to be that only approved plastic or paper-based materials are suitable.

Pete (who learns something new every visit here :))

How about lining the box with material and padding of some sort. Should be fine then
Methinking, apart from direct contact with timber surface, which is easy to avoid, maybe only an acidic effect in conjunction with excessive humidity. So would a dessicant packet in the box be sufficient?

Thanks All, I will go though the links this week. Sorry to be so late in answering had a short holiday.