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12 Jan 2009
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Any ideas how to easily remove Phillips screws which have been completely painted in! I am going to have to replace an outside gate but the previous owner has painted the screws to the hinges several times.

Can you see any of the cross head? One thing you can do is place a rubber band on top of the screw head and push the screwdriver on to this to help grip the head

Do you have a photo of how bad it is?
Dig out as much of the paint that you can with a small nail, put your screwdriver into the head of the screw and tap the screwdriver with a hammer whilst at the same time turn the screwdriver with an even pressure, job done.

You could try Nitromors, give it a good 15-20 mins then clean off with a wire brush or similar, you may have to do this several times before you can get a good hold on the screws, also do you have an impact driver? I mean the type you hit with a hammer, I have on which I bought when I was a diesel fitter, a brilliant tool to slacken or tighten screws.



Edit - This is the type I mean ... 0&ff14=108
Are you sure they are Phillips heads?? Most unusual to find them on uk screws - much more of a US style head although they are sneaking in on imported goods as small machine screws on electronics.
Yet another method is to use a Dremel type tool and a fine metal cutting disc to cut a slot across the head. Then use a flat screwdriver to remove the screw.
I use a Ronson blowtorch. Just soften the paint with the fine flame tip for a few seconds and they usually come out with no problems. I've used an impact driver in the past but it can loosen the plaster around if you're a bit heavy handed.
Regards Keith
All as above, but break any paint seal and should be OK, but time consuming. A sharp knife to cut the paint and it should pick off as well.
As mentioned above I scrape out the paint, then carefully unscrew by hand. I have an impact driver but still find a manual screwdriver best for really stubborn screws. I've read somewhere that the seal can be broken by slightly tightening the screw first.