Patina on brass.

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Interesting that you braze sheet that thin, I have never really considered it. Is there any specific reason not to solder, I would have thought it easier for such thin sheet. Would love to know how you go about it and what rods you use.
Sorry, given the wrong impression here.
I use the thin brass mainly to replicate things like aero engine radiator flaps, cowlings and so on and with the brazing rod I make biplane landing struts, guns, aerials etc, shaped and drilled out on the lathe to suit. As you suggest I use solder or silver solder depending on application when joining things together. I like to darken these bits because shiny brass looks a bit tacky on a wooden aeroplane model.
Recently made some replacement brass ball handles for antique door bolts. Could I make them look old? Tried several remedies and reluctant to buy expensive antiquing solutions, buried them in a plastic bag of the wet stuff from the cat litter tray. 2 days later, quick wash and you couldn't tell them from the one original. Customer very pleased.

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