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Nice work Doug 👏 👌 i like the odd spaced panelling and custom shelf brackets. The door is cool, i one made a bookshelf to replace a door to an airing cupboard, just had to make a quick piece of mdf at the depth of the bookcase so i could allow enough angle ( batter ) for the doorbookshelfthing to open and close 😀 it looks like your edges are stepped, presumably to reduce / eliminate that issue on your thickness?
I seem to remember at the time ( quite a few years back ) there was a hinge system that allowed the bookshelf / door to slide forward before pivoting out, but it was a very heavily engineered and expensive option.
@baldkev yes there is a step/rebate between the door and frame, 3 reasons for it really.

The door needed to close against something, didn't want a gap you could peek through and as you say to give it a bit more opening angle.

Turned out it needed more opening angle than I thought so I ended up having to take quite a bit of bevel off in places, it's all hidden in the middle though so you only see a 2mm gap along the edge of the door when it's closed 👍

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