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Grumpy Old Git
21 Oct 2017
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Just before christmas I purchased a lovely computer for myself and Mrs G, (OK mainly for me) it cost a lot of money as most of the stuff on it was hi-ish spec. Seeing we will be spending a lot of time in the house for the forseeable I decided to get us a game to play on it, It's an old game and Steam had it at a great price, it is Witcher 3.

Once it had downloaded and installed I cranked the settings up to Ultra, knowing the computer will have no problem running it at that setting, after about 5 minutes the cooling fan started up and was making an awful noise, this is the first time the fan had actually started up on the computer and I knew something was not right. I tried fixing the problem by banging the top and the sides, nothing, the noise continued, I shook the computer from side to side and even that did not fix the problem so I switched off.

This morning I was hoping that in the middle of the night the computer had managed to fix itself so I started up the game again, once again after about 5 minutes the cooling fan kicked in and the awful noise started up again, it was getting louder and louder but this time seem to have a burning smell accompanying it, unphased I tried fixing it myself, I banged the top and the sides and shook it a few times but sadly none of that seemed to work. By now I was out of ideas and decided to phone up the company who made it for me (Punch Technology). I was put through to the technical department where I explained what was happening and what steps I had already taken to remedy it. The technical bloke agreed with me that something was indeed wrong as he could also hear the noise over the phone. He asked me to slide out the side panel of the computer so we could try and identify exactly where the problem was, on doing so I identified the noise was coming out from the rear left hand side and with the panel being off was now a lot louder. I also noticed that some pink solid foam appeared to be loose from near where the noise was. I went to push this foam back into place and instead of doing so I accidently knocked it out. The computer went silent, even with the fan going I could hear nothing. So I tells The technition what I had done and asked how do I put it back in. He started laughing, not just a chuckle but a full blown laugh and inbetween mouth fulls of air he managed to say "Oh you've still got that in" and laughed some more. He went on to explain they send out all their computers with the foam packaging inside to prevent damage and they tape an A4 sheet to the outside explaining this, I vaguely remember the sheet of paper but denied all knowledge of it, So I have been running my computer since November with the internal packing still in place. :oops: :oops: :oops:
My wife just told me that after they had their new kitchen at the nursing home, she was talking to the maintenance man when he said that he thought that they should test the extractor fan. When it was switched on, there was a loud drrrrrrrrr noise and polystyrene flew everywhere.

Made me laugh :D

I'm still finding bits of protective film on our fridge freezer purchased 2 years ago.
Ah, mine had that! Fortunately, there's a side window so it was pretty obvious :lol:. I kept it in the box just in case I ever need to transport it, but that's probably doubtful.

I think you chose a good one there Garno, I haven't played it myself but I know a couple who have sunk hundreds of hours into the Witcher. It should keep you pretty occupied :lol:

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