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30 Dec 2012
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West Yorkshire
Hi chaps,

Have been away from woodworking for a couple of years, got a few projects to start and I am looking for sawn oak.

At the local timber merchants the price is now £45 a foot plus vat, last time I bought some it was £25 a foot plus vat only 2 or 3 years ago.

What’s been happening whilst I was away?

Is £45 a good price now?

Cheers for any knowledge you can send me

Your question is too vague. Where are you? What quality grade of oak are you sourcing? Kiln dried, air dried, green? Are you buying trade or retail? What sort of quantity are you buying - small amount or a lot?
I use the British hardwoods website as a guide.

It gives you a few options with the grading and is fairly priced for buying a couple of projects quantity at a time. , but for pricing up a project purposes it is useful.

They are near me, so I would likely use them when buying. The quality is good. Obviously suppliers near you may be more or less.
KD sawn White Oak prices are going up and will continue to rise over the summer and into this Autumn 2020.

There is a shortage of good quality W.Oak saw logs in the USA, there is competition from the domestic US Stave log buyers who are buying logs from sawmills and log decks in the USA creating shortages plus plenty of rain over recent weeks/months in the Appalachian region which is hampering logging. Sawmills are also closing at an alarming rate due to poor demand and price for Red Oak (Quercus Rubra) which is a plentiful species in the American forest.

In Europe there has been a slow down in forest harvesting in eastern and central Europe since Feb/March (covid-19 related)and logging won't start again until until the Autumn as logging tends to be more seasonal in Europe (Autumn/winter when there is less sap running).

GB£ has lost exchange rate value against both the US$ and Euro adding to the inflation of prices for UK hardwood importers.

Hope this helps to explain the price jump you have seen.
i see you are from west yorkshire, have you tried duffield timber? good prices and excellent service
Hi guys,

Cheers for all the excellent info as per usual for this forum.

Wish I had stocked up last time I bought it.

I’ll have a ring around now.
BHwoodworking":2qe1k74d said:
i see you are from west yorkshire, have you tried duffield timber? good prices and excellent service

I haven't, they are a bit far up for me.