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15 Feb 2024
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Nottingham, UK

I'm looking for some recommendations for an oil I can use to protect and enhance the surface of some coasters I'm making. They are made out MDF but have different types of wood veneers applied to them... Walnut, Oak and Cherry to be precise. What I'm looking for is an oil that can be applied to them that will not then leave a mark or stain, upon anything that the coaster is sat upon, table or tablecloth etc, etc. The MDF I'm using is veneered on both sides, so I'd rather not just go for the option of having cork or felt on the bottoms and would rather they can be used with either side facing up. I'm also open to the idea of using a varnish or a wax instead of an oil, but the one thing I don't want is a glossy finish, I'd like them to be as matt as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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