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Ahh, the something for nothing youtube video. Everyones' favorite, and why so many people used to watch Matthias Wandel on youtube.

There's an illusion that you are getting something for little or something for nothing by making things like plywood surface table saws using a cheap circular saw, etc.

(if that guy has ads enabled, it probably did make him 2 grand or so in ad revenue, so there's that).
That message information from above is something completely unknown and not understood by myself. Perhaps you could or others give a full detail instruction or info.
My point is a semi-snarky comment about how when youtube first came about, it was full of "something for nothing" type videos, and they continue.

The thrill watching (but not duplicating) is the sense that for the price of a small power planer, this fellow has gotten a do all machine with infinite adjustment and it looks great with his test pieces. A friend of mine who did fine work and who worked off and on with some folks on TV mentioned that if you want to draw views and conversation, it's not about showing people something practical/fine or showing them how to make something, it's about demonstrating in such a way that they feel like they could do what they're seeing (without having to do it).

Or to quote Step Brothers, a machine like this guy is demonstrating is like the bunk bed scene where will farrell says his head is spinning thinking about all of the possibilities.

I think other than for box makers, the machine this guy demonstrates is far better for a youtube video than it would be to copy and use in real life. Especially in a world where most better-suited machinery is available reasonably priced used.

Can't argue with the 2M views if someone puts ads on their video, though - it's a money maker. the "life hacks" and oddball projects always seem to generate more in views than showing viewers something they've hashed through.
It's sad to hear that it's the late Niki.

I am pleased to hear that we have added Step Brothers to the forum as the reference point.

I like to think of the Young Calf as PMV11 and the Old Bull as Carbon steel

I hope we can use Trailer Park Boys as well, I would recommend searching "The Rise and fall of Conky"
The cross talk is going to end up with a story about Samsquanch and fancy sauce!
No disrespect to a former member who is now deceased - I didn't get the first reference as I must not have been around when said member was here.
Thanks D.W. I now get the message you were putting over, 10+years ago in my hobby workshop I was making many gadgets for my woodworking and I would agree the planer displayed would most probably only been practical f0r some miniature projects. Some of us on the forum never seemed to make furniture but enjoyed scenarios like those displayed. Myself I had no more space indoors for more furnitures and gave and donated many boxes here at the forum and elsewhere. Neighbours would knock at my door. (never sold anything).
Well, we have that in common to some extent. I don't make much furniture, but am in the shop a lot. I will make it if there's a need, but I, too developed a fondness for tools and have probably built 75 or 100 planes, now a half dozen guitars (100 in the future would be a nice total there), and all kinds of other gadgetry, and now even pencils as you can see in another thread.

I suspect that the video maker enjoys making those tools the most, and that's fine as an end. I'm constantly amazed at what draws the most views, but think I understand why those types of videos do. It's the something for nothing escape from reality "imagine if" scenario.

I couldn't tell someone a practical reason why I build guitars, planes and pencils except that it pleases me to.