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Newbie garage/workshop storage Part 1 - Drawer Unit


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22 Mar 2019
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Stoke on Trent
New comer to the site, i don't have the luxury of a dedicated workshop, so have to use the garage which is shared with our second car - so everything gets stored away, and i have to drag the car out to make space to work.

Anyway, I'm not an experienced woodworker by any means, but love to have a go, so started by making some storage for the garage, mainly to store tools, screws that kind of stuff - it was all shoved on one of these plastic racks (of which i have a few more i need to get rid of)

Anyway, built in a few stages - first stage was to replace some plastic drawers i had (this thread) and the drawers being deep made it that things just got chucked in there, and couldn't find anything - so tried to make more shallow drawers to make it a bit better to get to stuff!

I have some Racco storage boxes and used some of the inserts in the drawers, the actual storage boxes i put in a second unit
Carcas 18mm Ply

Drawer Carcas.jpg

Drawers loose fitted

Drawers Loose fitted.jpg

Bit of Varnish and some handles - worktop from some softwood ply edged with more softwood and varnished

Varnish and Handles.jpg

Drawer inserts to take Raaco holders

Inserts Raaco.jpg

Learnt quite a bit from this, never done drawers before, so that was interesting, learned that Hardwood faced ply is a nightmare, and bit of sandpaper takes the hardwood face off - i was going to combat this by putting on false drawer fronts to cover, but it made the depth of the drawer to much, and hard to open the drawers when the car was in the garage, so as a first one, its functional!


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