New lathe, frustrating weekend.

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Learner Les

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16 Mar 2004
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SWMBO was away for the weekend so dog sitting/work commitments kept me away from Tools 2004. But I did get to Yandles (only 5 miles away) and came home with a bargain Record Lathe package. :D Problem was that instead of my extra unsupervised playtime being spent using the new toy, I was sorting/tidying/reorganizing the w/shop just to get room to stand near the lathe! :( I only managed about 1.5 hours of actual turning but after the upheaval of the rest of the weekend it was very relaxing. I even managed to sharpen some gouges with single bevels for the first time ever. :shock: I only started turning 7 months ago but I just luv it! Just need to sell my 7 month old starter lathe and I'll have some bench space. Anyone want a lathe ?

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