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13 Nov 2006
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Does anyone have any photos of the old multico tm scribe cutters in various configurations. Only I've just brought a pair of old multico blocks for very little including some completely unground cutters. Struck me they could be useful as scribe cutters. Anyone got a source for new cutters as well?
This is the bottom block from my TM/3
The angled edge is the top, it is to give relief behind the cutting edge.
Cutters are handed for top and bottom blocks you can't switch them round. 20240325_105600[1].jpg
20240325_105429[1].jpgBottom on left, top on right
20240325_105438[1].jpgall bottom
Interesting selection there. I'm assuming any spindle cutter maker could grind these given a mould to work with. I'm guessing the blanks aren't that easy to find anymore unless you could find suitable steel.
Ps I can't imagine what the left and right cutters with the large radius would be used
Scribed shoulders for tenons into round legs, ie pedestal tables.
I would think Whitehill tools would have blanks or most saw doctors would have a source.
This brings back memories, used those blocks on my old Multico when I had it, the most used bottom block had cutters at a 9 degree angle for EJMA casement windows.

Wasted a fortune upgrading the machine to modern blocks and fitting DC brakes as not long after the business had to close down :(
I brought these new old blocks for £50 my thinking being if I sell the machine these go on and I sell the safety blocks separately. Each scribe and limiter on the safety blocks is over £50 from whitehill!
My blocks arrived with 8 new ungrounded cutters even the blocks are brand new(if a little rusty) this got me thinking could I mix the old cutters with the new cutters? So griind scribes on the old style cutters and leave the new cutters for the straight shoulders.thats 4 scribes altogether(to be fair there pretty simple bits of steel maybe not even hss)


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I have absolutely no idea what you mean. those blocks have just two knives, they do the whole tenon and scribe at the same time.
I have limited projection cutters on at the minute. I'll put old blocks on the bottom with the scribes ground and new blocks on the top. I'm guessing these were provided with a new machine but maybe we're never used.

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