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29 Jan 2017
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It's about time I had a rationalisation of my bookshelves, so these books have got to go. They are all in great condition with the exception of items 1 & 13 which are a bit tired but complete and readable. All the hardbacks with the exceptions of 13 & 17 have their dust covers:-

In order as per the photos:-

1.The Encyclopedia of Wood
1974 by the US Forest Service Lab. 376 pages paperback. A wealth of technical info about

2. Profitable Woodworking – Turning your Hobby into a Profession.
1996 Martin Edic, Taunton Press, 151 pages paperback. All the business aspects.

3. Wood & How to Dry It
1986 A collection of Fine Woodworking articles, Taunton Press 106 pages paperback

4. Complete Woodfinishing
1993 Ian Hosker. Guild of Master Craftsmen. 167 pages paperback. What it says on the tin.

5. Woodturning Techniques
1994 GMC Pubs. 113 pages paperback. Collection of articles from Woodturning mag.

6. Making Tables & Chairs
1997 GMC Pubs. 120 pages paperback. Collection of articles from Furniture and Cabinet
Making mag.

7. Woodworking with the Router
1993 Bill Hyilon & Fred Matlack, GMC Pubs. 344 pages, paperback. Advice on methods and jig

8. A Cabinetmaker's Notebook
1976 James Krenov, Prentice Hall Press. 131 pages paperback. Design aspects from the great
man himself.

9. The New Complete Guide to the Bandsaw
2007 Mark Duginske, Fox Chapel Pubs. 187 pages paperback. Everything you need to know.

10. Period Furniture Projects
1994 VJ Taylor, David & Charles. 160 pages hardback. 21 projects design & construction

11. Complete Woodworkers Manual
1989 Albert Jackson & David Day, Collins. 320 pages hardback. The well known and
respected encyclopedia on all matters woodworking.

12. The Complete Guide to Wood Finishes & Effects
1992 Derrick Crump, Chancellor Press. 175 pages hardback. Step by step instructions on all
sorts of finishes on various woods.

13. The International Book of Wood
1970's, Mitchell Beazley Pubs Ltd. 274 pages hardback. A wonderful book on man's
association with wood. Also covers the anatomy of trees with descriptions of commercial trees
around the world.

14. Materials for Inspirational Design – Wood
2003 Chris Lefteri, Rotovision. 160 pages hardback. Be prepared to push the boundaries with
this impressive book.

15. Period Finishes& Effects
1992 Judith & Martin Miller, Mitchell Beazley.180 pages hardback. An interior design
compendium including wood finishes as as well as things like limewashing, wallpapers,
stencilling, etc, etc.

16. The Craftsman Woodturner
1971 Peter Child, GMC Pubs. 247 pages paperback. Lots and lots of techniques, but rather dated
style of presentation. This edition published 1997.

17. Getting the Most Out of Your Radial (Arm) Saw
1969 Rockwell International. 122 pages hardback. This handbook came with my Rockwell
RA saw but the techniques described are pretty well universal.

These books are basically FTAGH but I would like to charge for postage and packing. I wouldn't expect a single book to be more than £7, however I'll try and combine packages if multiple books are required.

Send me a PM to express interest and ask questions. I'll keep this thread up to date on remaining availability.



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Could I put my hand up for 8, 9 & 16 please?

8. A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

9. The New Complete Guide to the Bandsaw

16. The Craftsman Woodturner

PM sent.


Hurry up - the're flying off the shelves (or in my case - shelf)
Only 3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15 left

Could I put in a request for 4, 10, 12 and 15 on behalf of the Rebuild Restore Renew project in Pontypridd please.

Many thanks,

Books arrived today - their new owner is chuffed to bits and has already started making plans to take over my workshop!
Many thanks Brian,


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