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22 Mar 2010
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Newton Abbot,Devon
Books for sale. You can pay by Paypal, cheque or cash. Postage is by Royal Mail second class which works out cheaper than a courier.If you are local you are welcome to pick up from me in Newton Abbot and save postage with a free cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.

Making Dolls’ Houses in 1/12th scale by Brian Nickolls SOLD

Complete plans and instructions for making five dolls’ houses with colour illustrations. 192 pages.

In very good condition. £5 plus £3 P&P

Woodturning Wizardry by David Springett
Woodturning Wizardry_edited-1.jpg

If you want to turn spheres within spheres, stars within cubes, delicate lattices with no apparent means of support then this book with coloured illustrations will show you how. 191 pages.

I’ve seen David Springett demonstrating some of these projects and he makes it look easy but you will have to make some specialist tools which he illustrates in the book.

In very good condition. £6 plus £3 P&P.

Projects for the router by Casey Chaffin & Nick Engler

Router Projects_edited-1.jpg

Detailed plans and instructions for 19 projects including a router table, signs, magazine rack etc. 127 pages

In very good condition, £3 plus £2.33 P&P.

Working in Wood by Ernest Scott SOLD

Describes tools, methods, materials and classic constructions. Includes joints, woodcarving and woodturning. 272 pages.

In good condition. £4 plus £3 P&P.

The Woodworker’s Bible by Alf Martensson SOLD

Dictionary of hand tools, setting up a workshop, machinery, making jogs and templates , milling and drying wood, cuttings joints by hand and machine and furniture construction. 288 pages.

In very good condition. £4 plus £3 P&P.

The Home Woodworker edited by Julian Worthington SOLD

An introduction to the techniques, materials and equipment for working with wood. Section on woodturning. Project section including garden bench and storage units.176 pages

In very good condition. £4 plus £3 P&P.

Regards Keith


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Woodchips2":3indlaxz said:
The Woodworker’s Bible by Alf Martensson SOLD

I had that! I built a table, four chairs (dowel joints, lasted 5 minutes) and a bench (still going strong in a mate's shed).

That takes me back.


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