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27 Dec 2022
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I slowly built up my workshop and would build a new stand for each new bit of kit I purchased.
As a result I had a few separate units (mitre statition, table saw, workbench, router table) that ended up taking up a lot of room.

So I decided to come up with a design of 3 separate units, 1 for tale saw and router table, 1 for mitre saw and 1 as a dedicated workbench.
They will join together on the long edges giving me an area large enough that I can break down sheet goods easier.

Today I finished the first stage of the dedicated workbench. I'm using my existing mft top which is slightly smaller than the unit size and also apparently not straight on the one edge, hence why it looks a little rough around the edges.
I might remake the entire mft top when I can afford the kit to do so.
Using some rectractable casters and levelling feet to handle the uneven floor but still allow me to move things around.

Once I've finished all 3 I'll decide how I'm going to finish them, tops will all be made out of MDF, the structure is 2x4 construction timber. I'm leaning towards painting the MDF.

Tomorrow I'm going to start on the table saw and router table workbench, router table will come at a later date, need to 3d print it first.


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Good idea, looks like it should work well. I am in a position where I put everything on wheels except the tablesaw I would love a big joiners bench but if I put one in then it would jam up the space for actually procesing timber. I have an MFT 3 which I use for assembling but am considering making a 600mm square but super heavy bench at the same height with a vice or two as well.

Space management is always a pain.

Table saw workbench pretty much finished. Need to add the retractable casters still.
I placed the saw in the middle to give me a bit of infeed support, cut outs for the mitre slot and an additional cut out at the front for access to the fine fence adjustment.
This will join onto the mitre station (next build) to give further outfeed support.


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. . . no point in making an MFT top - pretty cheap to buy on ebay and CNC cut for precision (in MDF or ply) - less than the cost of the jig and router cutter - just make the table frame or it.
Finished the third bench. I was going to go with a flip top but that would mean I'd lose the storeage below.
Instead I opted for a heavy duty locking drawer slider. It's rated to 200kg and doesn't have any play when not extended.
The saw will never be used when it is extended, it will just be to allow more room to work with sheet goods.

Set up my mft fence, wasn't sure about it at first but it's already came in super handy.
I designed and 3d printed some fence dogs with a large offset and an adjusting mechanism so that I could use some aluminium profile as a fence for the mitre saw. This fence can easy lift off and moved out the way when not needed. I need to come up with a design for a flip stop for it next. The other side (table saw side), I'll route a slot in the top and fix in a t track. This will work as a stop for my mitre and a t track for router table accessories once I've fitted that.

Eventually I'd like to install some drawers under one of the units, like I did in my previous bench.


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Decided that the above surface fence for the mitre saw was going to get in the way too much so switched it out for a t track the same as the other side. Sealed and applied finish to the top's, pretty much done now apart from installing a router table next to the table saw.


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I love the idea of modular workbenches! It's so convenient to be able to customize the workspace to suit your needs. I especially like the ability to add cabinets and drawers for extra storage. The photos you shared of your workbench look fantastic - the joining and planing stations are particularly impressive.
Is it strange that I'm actually really looking forward to adding storage to these. It makes such a big difference. Not decided exactly what storage I wanna add yet, going to use it for a month and see what needs arise.
Is it strange that I'm actually really looking forward to adding storage to these. It makes such a big difference. Not decided exactly what storage I wanna add yet, going to use it for a month and see what needs arise.
I'm in a similar boat, just started building benches and storage and its a liberating feeling having your stuff organised and space to work in.
Just finished my first french cleat so looking forward to putting stuff on it and seeing how I get on

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