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Honest John

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13 Dec 2014
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Shaw, Lancashire
I’m looking for a solution for my small and sometimes chaotic workshop. I cut most segments on a wedgie sled, but sometimes I want or need to use my mitre saw for some segmenting joinery. I have a Kapex 60 but I only get it out off the shelf when it’s needed. I have been using a foldable mitre saw table that I bought from B and Q at least 25 years ago! It’s not ideal and is awkward to set up, and I really want to ditch it, but I need a quick to get out and put away solution to replace it. The Kapex stand is not suitable as it takes up too much room when not in use. I’m thinking in terms of the DeWalt compact which looks to be an answer to my problem. Not completely sure if a Festool saw will fit on their brackets. Some users on the Festool forum have used other people’s stands without issue, others have had to resort to making a mounting platform. I would really like a solution that quickly detaches the saw, hopefully tool less, so that can go back to its shelf, then fold in the legs, and put the stand on another shelf. All advice is welcome. There are many cheaper saw stands advertised, schepac, rage etc, also an Axminster brand, are these any good or is it waisted money?
Have you the space to put the saw in a run of benches along the wall where it can fold down and out of the way when not in use?
Not a hope. It’s got to be a put away option. I Did think perhaps of mounting say a board from the bed of my lathe and a couple of legs on the front that could be put away reasonably easily, but I’m not really keen.
I've had a full size Dewalt stand for quite a few years and it's been fine, never had any problems. Don't know if the brackets will fit a Festool but I had a Bosch saw for a while and they fitted that.
Just been looking at a YouTube video on the Evolution stand And it looks good and at about a third of the Price of the big name ones I was looking at. But for social distancing and most displaying type shops being closed I would have had a drive out with a paper or card template of my Kapex footprint and checked for fit. The Evolution looks to be a bit smaller than some as well. Might be an illusion.
I have the evolution stand. Send me dimensions and I'll have a look tomorrow. Its currently in the barn where I last used the evo saw to chop up a load of scrap for firewood.
I use the evolution stand every day at present on my workshop build. The stand brackets are elongated slots and fit every saw up to 10” for sure. I have mine setup at present if you want measurements. It’s not overly small in use, very stable, but very compact when folded up and easy to hang on wall or under a bench.
Depends what you are doing with the saw. I have a big Bosch GCM12 with stand. However, putting 3 or 4 metre heavy oak beams on it overwhelms the adjustable stand. So I use heavy duty roller supports. Your main objective is to get whatever you use level with the saw bed. You can do that with anything solid enough.
I have the long and short Dewalt stands and tried using the short one in my 10x4' shed. The splay of the legs takes up a good whack of space as, I'm sure, other stands may well do too. Just something to be aware of if space is tight.

If you have other machines that would benefit from being mounted on a stand, it'd be worth checking you can get additional compatible brackets for whatever stand you go for. The Dewalt ones have two sizes with longer brackets for bigger mitre saws for example. They ain't cheap either at around £50+ for a pair. I mounted a lunchbox thicknesser on a normal pair for example and got some wider supports for infeed/outfeed duties.

A KS60 can use SYS1 Systainers as wing supports (assuming everything is on a level surface) and a SYS-MFT (the Systainer with a mini MFT type top on it) can provide a movable support with reference points (dog holes) for stops. That's only really for quick and dirty faffery (hammer)

Or just nip out and pick up a KS120 with the UG wings :lol:
DBT85. My Kapex KS60 seems to have about 300mm between the front and back mounting points, so I guess that any universal mount with at least this distance in its slots would do. Strangely I have looked at several user handbooks on line, including the Evolution, and none of them gave the information on the max and minimum slot lengths.
I have watched a good number of YouTube vids on reviews of various stands, all of which look capable. However as others have suggested the footprint of these stands seems substantial and may cause me more problems than it will solve. I have no need of extending supports (usually) as my requirements are more for small accurate cuts for my crafting activities rather than roofing or skirting type cuts. The small Kapex excels at these activities, but I don’t use it all the time and therefore I need it to be set up then put away when I’ve done. Taking in the wisdom that has been expressed by users of these stands I’m thinking to rethink my space issues in my shop and utilise the Triton WX7 workstation as a base for the saw. I currently use this as a general build table for glue ups and clamping as well as routing and to mount my track saw. Like all other flat surfaces, table saw, bandsaw etc, it accumulates bits of wood, polish jars and anything else that needs to be taken out of your hand! I’m just going to have to be more organised so that i can use it as a base for the saw when required. Thank you to all whom have answered my call. I would still be interested to know the mounting slot lengths of the Evolution and any other stands for further purchases. I may yet change my mind again :roll:
It doesn't particularly matter if the brackets exactly fit the saw as you can mount them to a board and then mount the saw to the board. One little feature of the KS saws is their 2 holes for securing it to a MFT hole pattern; it means you can have the saw able to plonk down on a table without the added height of the brackets (and the UG wings attached) or use a board with brackets to mount it to a stand.
I had the evolution stand a while. It's quite solid and well built. I didn't didn't find it to be particularly small.
Woody2Shoes":10rao17x said:
Yebbutt... They're more than twice as expensive as the Evolution and essentially the sam quality.

Is it yellow though?

Is it the same quality?

My 'issue' with evolution is that every review I've seen has been done by someone who has been sent stuff for free, none are from users.


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