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11 Feb 2018
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Me and my friends just finished to built a mini ramp (first time that I built those kind of things).
The ramp works great but it dosent feel strong enough.

People ask me about plans and Im working on it but I want to improve the strength.
another plywood layer will be enough? or to do more stretchers?
also some other advice/improvment before I posting my plans will be great!

Link to the whole built step by step -



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Cool looking ramp, well done!

If you want strength what you could of done is to have a timber noggin under all the plywood joints.....and extra curved plywood formas every 1.2 meters.

Glueing the second later of ply would also give extra strength.

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Definitely needs lateral bracing and extra formers as Jonathon says.
All the strength is in the curve but it needs bracing for lateral movement to prevent twist.
Get it up on its side and nog it as much as you can from underneath and under the tables and transitions. Mark don't measure, cut outside the pencil line and fit each one so it's a tight at the ends . If you have to gently knock it in with a hammer it's perfect. Don't cut 20 at once then try to fit them all at once. If timber is an issue try and spread what you have as evenly as you can across the structure
If money's no issue I'd lay it on a bolted together bed of tannilised bearers too and instead of those raised feet so its sitting flat.
When you fit your coping try and get a removable system of fixing it. That way, when you need to lay another layer of ply in a year or two just wack it on top of the existing bed and reseat the coping or you can add extensions easy enough if you want.
Nice job. Views not bad either. You have bought back some proper memories for me! Thanks. 8)

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