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7 Aug 2003
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It is in everybody's interests that the Market Place board runs as efficiently and orderly as possible. This will only happen if members read and adhere to our guidelines. The facility is totally free so please read the guidelines and post accordingly and do not abuse the service.
New members need a contributing message count of at least 25 to create threads in the For Sale section.
Attempts to circumvent the above restrictions with gratuitous posts elsewhere will risk all such posts and the subsequent For Sale Post being removed.
As items move quickly within the For Sale board a member can bump such a thread back up to the top just once.
New members can use the Wanted section, but they will be under the restriction of not being able to reply to any PM’s they receive until they have made at least 3 genuine posts elsewhere.

1 - Private posts only.
No commercial or business adverts, there is provision for such through the Premier Posts option; deliberate use of the section to offload surplus equipment purchased in job lots, bulk wood stock purchases etc. or that show signs of member trading or family business surpluses will be considered as not in the spirit of the facility. Although members comments about having obtained surplus stock of timber elsewhere on UKW are acceptable, (we all like to Gloat at times) wording such posts in a manner that indicates a test for viability to trade or possibility of selling via UKW threads will be treated in the same way as commercial posts in FS.

2 - Replies or enquiries.
Posts can be in the For Sale Section as long as they are directly related to technical clarification or via PM.

3- Relevant Posts Only.
If you have no genuine purchase interest in the item posted please just move on.
For instance, you would not supply comments or recommendations to local small adds, so please don’t bulk out FS threads with such posts.
If you feel a need to moan about the price or mention that the item comes free in a box of cornflakes do not do it here, go to http://www.grumpymoaners.co.uk
The marketplace will decide if the item offered has a realistic price.
If however you consider the post to be in breach of the rules then the Moderation Team would appreciate the use of the Report This Post facility. (Please do not post a thread entry; there is no guarantee that this will be seen)

4-Thread status.
Those placing adverts are required to update the status of their entry Title as soon at it changes to Sold. It is only fair to members that the availability of an item is obvious.

5 –Allowed Sales Posts.
Members may not submit items currently offered on other public sites such as eBay, Gumtree or sites of that nature or use UKW to promote or mention their current or future sales elsewhere. This includes digital and/or print media.
As a general rule an item or items that have been submitted to the For Sale board should not be entered concurrently elsewhere but a certain moderating tolerance may be in evidence at times, furthermore members should not mention that their item/s will be listed for sale on such sites in the event that their items fail to sell here.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in sanctions against the member in question. Such posts detected or reported will be treated as spam in the first instance.

6 – Relevance of Items.
For Sale / Wanted items must be woodwork / tool / associated hobby related at moderators discretion.
No washing machines, black & white TVs, vintage champagne, pit ponies, German car polish or whatever you have lurking about at the back of the garage. If in doubt or believe an item has a real benefit potential for a member then contact a moderator for a decision.

7 -Descriptions.
Members should describe the item/s for sale or wanted to the best of their ability in their first post. Any pictures and information should also be within the post and should not be linked to another site other than tool sites etc to give readers some idea on the nature of what is being sold or wanted.

8 –Pricing.
No posting of For Sale items without a fixed price. Posts without a price will simply be deleted without warning or notification, as will any For Sale posts that are framed as an auction or masquerading as an auction of any description. "Best price" or "best offer" etc. or words or phrases to that effect will be treated as an auction and deleted.

9 – Member location.
Members posting For Sale or Wanted posts must have their location listed in their profile in enough detail to allow genuine assessment of distance required for collection travel, GB, UK, etc. is of no help to anyone.

10 –Images.
Supporting images should be provided with the opening post. Do not make a post and wait to see if there is interest before offering to post images. Either post all together or not at all. We do not allow posts that have such requests as "PM me with your email address for pictures" or similar. If you really want to sell your item you'll make the effort, not expect others to do so. Posts asking members to request pictures will be removed.
Our site can upload images from your HD so it should not be too difficult. There are guidance notes HERE.. If you have problems please post a question requesting assistance in uploading in the Site Suggestions/Comments board where somebody will assist you prior to your Market Place post.

11 – Ownership.
All items offered for sale must be the property of the seller or family member. Items offered for sale belonging to a friend, acquaintance or the postman's 3rd cousin once removed are not acceptable as are posts concerning sales, auctions or offers elsewhere. Such posts will be deleted without notification. This board was created solely for the use of our members as a means to dispose of surplus Workshop items and as a facility for members to find Workshop Equipment. If a member is in any doubt about posting please refer to a member of the moderating team.

12 – Responsibility.
The site does not accept responsibility for any issues that may arise through the gift or sale of an item. All members are advised to take whatever precautions are available to them regarding proof of delivery etc.

13 – Communication.
As in the rest of the site new members will not be able to send PM’s regarding posts in this section until their post count exceeds 3.

14 – Updates to Rules.
These guidelines may be updated and/or amended in the future; UKW places the onus on the membership to keep themselves up to date with the current guidelines.

Information Note:

Most members, old and new, have the decency and common sense to use the For Sale board as the sole means to sell or dispose of their Workshop tools and equipment. In the past an item was posted for sale and a member notified the seller that he would purchase the item and the seller accepted the offer. A short time later the seller reneged on the sale stating that the sale had been concluded on eBay. Further research indicated that the eBay sale had ended at 3pm and the item was posted for sale here at 11am the following morning. This is an example of how not to use our site and how to act like a total turnip head and therefore if any members that use the board also have their item/s listed elsewhere or has done so in the recent past the post will be deleted without notification and possible further action may be taken. This is in the obvious interests of our members and if anybody feels that a For Sale post may breach any of the guidelines please feel free to notify a Moderator or Report the Post.
Self regulation and protection of our interests is important.
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