Makita BO5041 or DWE6423 ROS ?

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14 Jan 2020
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Evening gents,

Its looking like im going to have to take a few steps back in my sanding game due to unfortunate circumstances- My 9401 belt sander and Rotex, along with some other less expensive bits, that where lent to my brother to finish his vans interior where stolen from said van a few nights ago. Such is life.. some people are pineapples.

Im not going to be able to replace them for a very long time, if i ever do, so for now im looking at comparatively cheaper options i can stretch the budget for and Im curious if anyone has tried and tested both of the titular £100~ RO sanders and can give a fair comparison between them? Not to worried which i get, yellow and teal both look good to me as long as im getting the better for my buck,

Many thanks
My vote is also for a Metabo. I got the loan of one before buying, just to be sure and have never had any second doubts.

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