Making Staircase Spindles

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11 Feb 2020
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I’m making a few staircase spindles on a lathe and I was wondering what would be the best material to use. I’m currently thinking about using Beech, Ash or Pine.
Can someone please tell me the pros/cons and the best material to use.
Thank you
This is an aesthetic choice only (well, I guess it's a financial one too). If it is a painted stair then pine or tulipwood would be the usual. There isn't a lot of benefit in going to the more expensive hardwoods that you mention (ash or beech). However, if the stair is of solid unpainted timber, then of course the choice of material is dictated by the rest of the stair.
As Mike said above it depends on if you’re painting or not. It also depends how skilled you are at using the lathe, pine will be difficult to turn cleanly without tear out without great tool skill, plus the fact it takes even greater skill to do duplicate turning.

I’d personally just buy them pre-turned, they’re ridiculously cheap online even if they’re a custom pattern.