Making a Lie-Nielsen Plane (video)

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I thought this was going to be a repeat, but made for some great watching.
They don't hang about, that's for sure.
I've read Maine being a place slightly more old fashioned, concerning the red tape and whatnot.
and would guess with all that molten iron and bronze... everybody has their head screwed onto their shoulders there!.

Not being one to get all political or philosophical regarding some very similar looking tools,
but that aside, worth the mention....
Has anyone seen those factories?

Perhaps that is why you often come across this mentioned, compared to some other tools/whatnot, without any casting being involved?
Is that kinda thing where one draws the line, or maybe seeing the factories for some clarity on the
matter, as it has been brought up time and time again.

Sorry for likely DE-railing the thread.

I do wonder at what point/scale it becomes cheaper to CNC the entire sole from a billet than to cast first (given there's lots of machining done to the cast part anyway).
but as someone who works in the metals industry a health and safety nightmare
The way the bloke pulling the crucible of molten steel just hops up those 3 steps while walking backwards. Not the spot to catch a heel.

Great vid to watch, the amount of work that goes into each. I just had to go get my LN and marvel at it, while casting an eye of contempt across to my modern Stanley :LOL:
Lucky enough to have one of these and it has made me look at it (and its price!) in a whole new light. Huge care at every stage

Half the video felt like it could have been mid 20th century!

I shared the previous concern for the employees' safety - I've never worked anywhere like that though so who am I to judge. At least they are all wearning safety denim jeans and safety baseball caps and I also saw the safety squint in operation when close to the molten metal......