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27 Mar 2024
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Hi all!
I took delivery of this sander on Friday and it is out of balance, - but how much out of balance is acceptable on a cheap tool?
Sat it on my Bench Master 1000kg bench and it practically walked off during wind down. Clamped it securely and the bench vibrates so much at full speed that it's disconcerting and not sure I could do fine work on it.
The disc feels like cast iron.
Any actual experience other than 'Wadkin run like you could balance a three penny piece on them, they don't make them like that any more lad', please .
I would be looking for a refund then look for something a bit better. Even a cheap tool should be at least fit for purpose.
That's poor QC our record one isn't jumping around like that, and I'm sure it's probably the same machine.
That's unfit for purpose.
You are entitled to refund or replacement.
Simply send them an email rejecting it as unfit. Excessive vibration making the machine unusable. Say that you will repack the machine and store it safely for their courier to collect. Collection by prior arrangement and minimum 24 hours (2 days, whatever) notice.
They shouldn't argue but don't give an inch if they try to.

Then buy another brand.

Regardless, unless you are doing very light work, a disc sander is something where a larger motor is desirable. Sanding is like applying a brake to the motor spindle with a few inches of leverage. The motor is working hard and skinny spindles on the motor / disc are to be avoided.

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