Looking for a fitting - don't know what it's called!


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28 May 2023
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Hi - first post here. I want to make a portable sketching easel and I'm looking for a fitting but I have no idea how to search for it! I want to join 2 hardwood slats such that they can be folded together for compactness but which open out and can be screwed down be very sturdy. Its the actual screw fitting that I'm looking for. So in one part there is a piece which I believe is called a 'T nut'. This is the 'female' part which is internally threaded. In the other piece there is a bolt with a wing nut which is 'captured' so that it can't fall out and which fits into the T nut in the first piece. I hope that makes sense. If I can figure out how to do it I'll attach and image which will make things much clearer. Thanks for your help!
385138553143 - Link to butterfly screws

79359 - Link to Tee nuts

I know the above links are for 5mm and 6 mm and wouldn't work together, but as an opener, are these the type of fitting you are looking for?
Thanks Alli for the quick response! They would certainly do for a first 'proof of concept' build. I was hoping that the 'butterfly screws' that you link to would be 'captured' so they couldn't fall out. Here's a photo of what gave me the idea...
Screenshot 2023-05-28 at 09.55.50.png
The tee nuts get hammered into the wood so would stay put

ref=asc_df_B094V88SST - These might be better, you screw them into the wood, which would mean they are below the surface of the wood and would probably stand up better to being transported
I know it’s not what you asked for but you could use a bicycle quick release bolt threaded into a (pronged) t-nut so it would be quick release.
They are also called "threaded inserts" I prefer the ones with a continuous thread on the outside like these. Depending on the wood you are screwing them into they can be a bit finickity about the whole size you choose. I find it helpful to try a range of sizes in a offcut of the same wood. Softwoods are happy with a smaller hole and something hard like old oak may need a hole 1mm bigger. Also screw them in by threading a bolt into the insert rather than trying to use an allen wrench of screwdriver, eg