Long (7ft+) floating desk build strategies


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A bit OTT.
A couple of of 2x1" battens screwed to the wall should be enough, depending on the wall and your desk material.
One bracket in the middle and you could use 1" redwood floorboards etc for the top. Or 18mm ply etc.
Two brackets and you could use 18mm MDF
Okay - yes was looking at 18mm oak ply.

I've seen people build this with some angle steel all the way, seemed a good seamless look.

Edit : something like this https://www.metals4u.co.uk/material...on/angle-iron-hot-rolled/unequal-angle/9193-p
or this with holes Slotted Angle Heavy Gauge 40mm x 40mm x 1M Pre-galvanised - Orbital Fasteners
I realise this is now better suited to a metal workers forum :)
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