Liberon Black Bison Wax - observations

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12 Feb 2010
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Hatherleigh, Devon
I have 10 oak T&G effect internal doors on our new build bungalow. I believe the builder did not apply the 3rd and final coat of Dulux Diamond Glaze. The door surfaces are bitty with trapped dust.
I tried to de-knib with grey scotchbrite, but this had no effect. The finish is hard. A very light papering with 400 grit aluminium oxide worked a treat. One piece less than A5 in size did half of the doors both sides.
Next came a coat of Liberon Beeswax Polish with Turpentine. The finish was easy to apply and buff to a dull sheen with no imperfections. Each door took about 40 minutes. I then ran out of polish and ordered, by mistake, the Black Bison instead of the Beeswax.

It does not smell as nice, does not go as far, but is easier to apply and ready to buff in a similar time frame.
The bad bit is it looked terrible when applied. The door looked patchy and blotchy. Some areas seemed to have absorbed the wax through the varnish and into the timber making dark areas. I really did think I had ruined the finish.
24hrs later things were different. The surface had buffed to a nice soft sheen and no patches in the finish remain. The colour is the same as the doors finished with the beeswax and feel the same.

Is my experience of this wax normal?

I only bought Black Bison wax once.
If it's the one I think it was, it's bright yellow coloured in the tin, but not after application.
Stank to high heaven so I won't be buying it again.

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