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1 Sep 2014
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near Bedford
I shall be selling my Legacy ornamental lathe shortly Is anyone interested in it and what it is capable of. ????
Hi Paul
It is the 900 with some alterations. What I have done is to shorten it takes up less room.
Has a Triton router on it In good condition. Lathe hardly used.
are you putting up pics or a vid of what it can do?
I first resize the picks to fit the forum rules and copy them to the desktop.
Then below the dialog box you'll see Upload Attachment, click it.
Select file and locate the picture, click it and then click Chose at the bottom right.
Now you click the add file.
Repeat for more pictures.

The other stuff you'll see while doing it are self explanatory.



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Thanks to Inspector I have managed to put the Pic.. on
This is what I have done on the Legacy Lathe . And before you ask it is not a CNC model. It can do a lot more than that I:E box joints planing spirals and much more.
All I do is play around all good fun
So, it's a modern interpretation of a holtzapfel lathe kind of thing. I ask as I am genuinely interested in ornamental turning like you would do on a holtzapfel but no way to afford one