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For Sale Lathe & Vice from Workshop clear out


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15 Dec 2017
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Romsey, Hampshire
I'm slowly settling into my new workshop and the time has come to start having a clear out.

Initially, I need to clear some space so my first lathe and an old Woden vice need to find new homes. Currently located in Romsey, Hampshire SO51

Draper WTL 90
The lathe was dismantled and stored for the duration of my workshop build, photos and details as follows;

She's old but serviceable and in working order, these lathes were popular cast iron lathes complete with steel stand, spindle thread 3/4" x 16tpi, spindle taper MT1.
Manual variable speed, belt driven, the head can swivel for inboard and outboard turning. But a few minor problems: the main securing lever to release the head has broken (this seems a common problem but not insurmountable), there's a crack in the tail stock handle and the 4 mounting bolts that connect the main bed to the stand are hiding somewhere but these will be replaced if I can't find the originals.

NB. This lathe is similar if not an identical to the rebadged & painted Axminster AWVSL1000, Perform CCL & Nutool MC900.

I would welcome any questions or inspection, this is an inexpensive lathe that would get someone turning. I've now moved on to a Vicmarc VL100 but this old girl got me hooked.

Sold as seen including spanners, face plate, drive centre and tool rest as shown on the toolbox & lathe bed. I'm looking for £125 or near offer. Collection only.

PS. Other items associated with the lathe will follow later including a Record RP4000 chuck and various MT1 centres (my new Vicmarc is MT2)


Woden Joiners Vice
Traditional old cast iron joiners bench vice, details as photos, all parts moveable, just needs a clean up and lubricate. Salvaged from an old bench and only selling as I've acquired a quick release vice.
Price £20. Collection only


Hello Peter thanks for the reply, have checked with my son not far from you but not what he wants sorry to waste your time

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